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120 Series Roof Rack

Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
Sep 10, 2012
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Hooray - the aluminium (South African) roof rack finally arrived (OK, so I've had it at home for a while now). Hopefully will do a fitment write-up soon! It's a Big Country rack and accessories from APB Trading - I'm very chuffed with it so far!

As the main package arrived:


Started to feel like 'pass the parcel'!!


At last!


More bits - that's the table and slide, which is suspended from the bottom of he rack - no more hunting in the back for the table :D


Good-sized table


Table mounting


Access ladder, which clips to the side of the rack:


I bought a shovel mount - thought it was a little dear - but it came with the correct shovel too :shock:


Twin Jerry can holder


All the main bits


Also got a high-lift jack mount, and found the feet to go into the hard-points on the roof ...


Looking forward to gettting it on the roof now, and the RTT attached, ready for May!! The top rail is removable in sections or completely - I've taken it all off for now, so it really is a slim rack now. After fittting I estimate it amy even be a tad lower than the original roof rails. Will wait and see. The table makes it a bit higher than the regular racks.
Looking forward to seeing that on the truck Gaz - schwing!!! ;-)
Mm mm mmmmm! Me likey. Can I have it when you're done Gary? Shame you bought the can holders, I made one this weekend to go on the trailer for my quad. Nothing to them.

Looking in the dairy as we speak for some dates to make the packing system.

Update -

Fantastic weather today, so I decided to fit the rack :D

Original roof rails:


Removal of the plastic end pieces is really simple, and if you do it carefully enough you won't even break any clips - basically a bit of gentle manipulation gets them removed without tools:



For the centre covers,you need to push the rubber gasket down under the plastic side - I used the back of a sosatie stick (blunt end)


Then a 12mm spanner to get the end bolts out, and the centre one. The rail will now lift off easily, leaving the centre post in place. The bolts seem to have been covered in some form of silicone, obviously to prevent water ingress into the roof lining. I'll need to do the same with the new bolts - anyone got suggestions on what to use?


Rail off ...


Remaining centre post:


Two 10mm bolts hold this down - easy enough to take off.

The black rubber strips now just lift out the channel - unless I decide to get one for the version that comes without roof rails, I won't be refitting the originals - they won't stay there.

So - a naked truck!





Insert the base plates and bolt down with the new stainless bolts and spring washers... This is what will be left on when I take the rack off in future - fairly neat and unobtrusive.



Then comes the main rack mounts, which are adjustable to get the level right.



These bolt to the stanchions with stainless 8,8 bolts into rivnuts in the legs


The it's just a case of heaving the rack up onto the legs. Thank goodness for children who are now tall enough to help ;)


Slide the top bolts down through the grooves until they're over the leg and positioned through the upper holes - bolt down with the supplies stainless bolts and nylock nuts..


Job done!!



I had pre-fitted the table storage / transit mount, and bolted it in - I needed to loosen it up to get the two rear legs securing bolts in place, but no big deal. Here you can see the transit holder for the under-rack aluminium table.... almost :D


I'm a happy chappy now :lol: :lol:

Now to get the RTT up on top there - that'll be interesting. Oh yes - the supplied ladder doesn't reach the ground after my 40mm body lift - I guess it'll be even more useless when the 60mm suspension lift comes in :x :lol:

Went for a test run on the motorway, and there's noticeable wind-noise at 75mph - nothing really below that, so that's not an issue.
That'd look nice in black....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I'll get me coat!!!

Great job Gaz - lookin' like a bought one :cool:
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I had thought that originallly, but was persuaded to go for the natural as there was one in stock. I may just go take it to my friendly neighbourhood powder-coater for a quote though - I think black would be lees obtrusive :D
Went for a test run on the motorway, and there's noticeable wind-noise at 75mph - nothing really below that, so that's not an issue.

Watch your fuel consumption plummet at speed though......

To seal the bolt heads you can get 'auto repair' mastics that will do the trick. I'd also be confident that any decent brand clear silicone mastic will also work OK.