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Frontrunner Cheetah half roof rack


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Aug 15, 2011
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Hi all

I am looking at selling my Roofrack that I had on my 80 series. It's the fully welded (not modular) front runner rack that only covers about half the roof.

Good bits:
- fully welded that very robust
- allows you to have have the roof rack on and still use sunroof (for some this may be a bonus)

Bad bits:
- it's got age related cosmetic wear. (Could use a repaint)
- a few 10mm holes drilled for accessories

Please note that the rack comes with the size 7 front runner legs (silver in colour) which are approx 225mm high. These can be replaced with other brackets to suit other vehicles as required. (I did buy some smaller brackets that I used on my truck but will be keeping them).

Not sure what it is worth to be honest.Was thinking around the £200 mark.

I am located in Leatherhead area.

Any questions- please let me know.

Rack install on my 80. (Note the black brackets will not be included in the sale)

Size 7 bracket that comes with rack.