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1977 FJ40 front grille question


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Feb 5, 2024
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As far as i'm aware the square front grille was used from 79 - 84, however my 1977 has a square grille.
On closer inspection it appears the grille on the car is incorrect and should be the round lozenge shaped one.

Before buying I was just wondering if anyone can confirm this from the photos, and if so is there different sizes / models that fit?

Thanks for any help (my first post btw)


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Hello and welcome....

The years shown in the CCOT attachment are correct and you do have the wrong bezel.

Your later bezel doesn't have the same shaping as your valance.

I have attached a photo of my truck so you can see how the correct bezel lines up with valance shape for a pre '79. To me it looks like smaller headlights have been fitted too.

The correct bezel should be mounted with the thicker cross bar to the top thus hiding the bonnet release. This bezel does not sit hard up against the valance panel and the 4 screws have spacers/risers on them.

Hope that helps.

Image011 (2).jpg
And another couple of points:

In the photo I attached my bezel is mounted the wrong way up, corrected many years ago! (See Avatar)

Secondly your truck may not be a '77 as the DVLA or whatever they are called now, do not have the information pre'77 so assume that all 40s are '77 or later if they have info about them.

If you post your VIN number we can tell you more about your truck but the DVLA won't change their info but you will know which may help when sourcing parts.


Hi Rodger

Thanks so much this is super super helpful :) i'll get on with tracking down the correct (and preferred) bezel, if there is a recommended place to purchase this do let me know.

In regards to the VIN number and other details, the car was imported immediately prior to me purchasing from Bali.

VIN FJ40244248
Engine No. 2F156528

2F Engine Overview
Manufacturer: Toyota
Production: 1975-1987
Configuration: In-line 6
Displacement: 4.2 L (4230 cc)
Cylinder bore: 94 mm (3.7 in)
Piston stroke: 101.6 mm (4.0 in)
Compression ratio: 7.8:1
Fuel system: Carbureted
Fuel type: Gasoline
Power output: 135 hp @3600 rpm
Torque output: 210 ft·lb @1800 rpm
In a broad brush look at your VIN number and the production figures, I reckon your truck was built in September 1975. do one in fibreglass. Steel will need a bit of searching although I think there is a German company making 40 panels but I'd need to search out their info, otherwise ccot - Grille FJ40 FJ45 - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]


FJ FJ40 Bible.jpg
This is amazing, thank you. A little older than I thought.

Can I asked how you worked that out from the VIN number?

I think i'll order from along with a bunch of other bits that I need.
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Well, like I said, it is broad brush but the chart states 'production based on frame number' so from 1960 to the end of 1978 is 19 years to produce 298313 FJ40s or 1308 per month. Divide your vin number (last 6) by 1308 and that's the number of months since production started that your truck was built in - 186.7 which is 15.56 years. But I don't know the month that Mr T started making them so being unlikely that it was Jan 1st I sort of add a couple of months - hence Sept 1975.
I did say it was broad brush but it may help when sourcing bits.

There is on information regarding the upgrade from 1F to 2F and working that out make help you get even nearer using your engine number, although I haven't studied that as I was looking at BJ40 (diesel) info.

It's also worth looking at for FJ40 bits but they don't list the early grille you have.

At Megastore Cecelia speaks English as they do at Euro4x4.


Thanks again Roger, i'll keep you posted and send a pic of the new grille when I get it.