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2015 70 series - HZJ - Alternator charging warning light on, alternator swapped but light still on and no charge. . .

Paul Angola

New Member
Aug 15, 2022
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Hi there ! Any ideas please ? Our 2015 70 series HZJ showed a "not charging, red warning light" on dash (and indeed was not charging the battery..) We swapped the alternator from another car of same type but light still remains on (also changed battery, makes no difference) any ideas please ?. . .

Kind Rgds Paul
Has the engine earth strap come adrift to the chassis?
Seems to be a wiring issue, can you check for continuity between each end of all cables?
Many thanks Ben, sadly no such luck, but I think you are right, seems it must have something to do with wiring (assuming no other "electrical gubbins" are involved...).