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2LT overheating problems



In reply to Martin Naylors mention of his friends overheating problems with the 2LT engine.I too had the same problem with my 70 series.It started with a small leak at the top of the rad. which i foolishly ignored, thinking that because the level in the expansion tank was on the full mark everything was OK. As you say Martin, these engines don't have a rad cap on the rad, it is attached to the head above the thermostat.Had i looked in there, the lack of water would have been obvious.The end result was a nasty PING from the engine and a cracked head! There are lots of these engines available from scrapyards, mine cost me =A3700 and is now running well, and with a new rad. the temp gauge never gets up to the half way mark. Apart from the overheating, when the cooling system seemed to overpressurise and blow all the coolant out through the expansion tank, there was no water in the oil, and a slight delay on starting