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40 series mods and repairs FAQ

Hi guys my name is Cordell
I have recently purchased a 40 series and I’m just wondering have any put an 80 series chassis under there fj and if so what were some of the problems and what sort of modifications did you have to make everything work and sit right.
Hello !
I got a 1976 FJ40 and I was wondering how complicated it would be to convert it with a power steering ?
Also, I'm having a hard time finding "original" parts for it (ex. most distributors sold are electronic), and it would be very helpful if you could tell me some good sites where I could order parts. I'm trying to keep it original (except for a possible power steering).
Thank you for your help ! This is my first restoration project so I could really use some knowledge from people like you...
FJ40 parts
Have lot of parts used for FJ 40 body style 1971. Have body parts doors, hoods, interior parts, differentials, transfer cases, transmissions lots more.... just ask We purchased a 71 fj that came with pallets of parts If you looking for something check with us to see if we have it Prices will be very fair We are located in Glen Burnie MD if you want to come and see what is available Our number to call 410-766-2727
PTO shaft?