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7 Land Cruisers.

Buen Dia Rodger,

Nice to hear form you, we also are all retired, apart from #3 son, if you can call working in a commune retired, we are almost autarky so there's always somthing to do. You live in a most beautiful part on Espana.

Yes, Bristol is, so I'm told, obviously because of the university, and like all uni dominated cities, is very alternative and progressive to say the least, we are all well past that Wolfie Smith phase and just lead a quiet life now.

If we ever sort out posting photographs you'll be the first to know, I can remember, vaguely, my Grandfarther bringing the 40 on to the commune back in the 50's, I think, didn't pay much attetion back then.

Another ex pat with a Landcruiser ?
I assume he likes paella with a name like that, with a bit of everything thrown in from the farm, or does he cook it on the open fire and sell at the local market for a bit of extra income ?

Is Wolfie Smith there with you, I wondered what happened to him after he left TPF ? Top man.

Have the red gas bottles gone yet ?

Uno Paloma blanca, Fa.
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No not an ex-Pat with a Land Cruiser, he’s not an ex-Pat and he doesn’t own a Land Cruiser, I own them all and his name is not Pat. Geez Pfff.

Woolfie Smith is here, but only to collect the red gas bottles, he’s taking them back to Tooting, he has a plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and is now identifying as guy who is called Guy who wears a red dress.
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Ah, Pat with a red van then ?

Is Jeez a member of your community, I only ask because many years ago I was in the foothills of Andorra, when an old man on el mule herding goats came by with a small boy running amongst the goats.
Every so often, the man would shout in Spanish ending in Jeez, which I took to be the boys name ?

Wolfie/Guy has the right idea - need more gas bottles !
You have to remember that J in Spanish is pronounced H, so jeez would be pronounced Heez.

What were you doing in the foot hills of Andorra with small boys and goats?

Anyway, the old man was more likely shouting “Heez Gob”

Yes it’s a Shame that Guy hasn’t got more, many more red bottles.

Buenas noches
You forgot to mention the mule, but there were no piggies to squeal.

Yes, pronunciation as in other languages, so I understand.
Jesus as we know it is pronounced Haysoos in some Hispanic/Mexican territories. ?
As to what I was doing in the foothills of Andorra, I was with 11 others taking an impromptu break en route to Morrocco, after getting turned over by the Spanish stasi at the border crossing.we were not in LC's though, just a humble Ford Transit custom cab no less ! Haha,
Why do you think the old boy was shouting, "heez gob", no one else was shouting ?
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muffin el muel era su nombre, jeez, pfff.
Don't know why the old boy was shouting, perhaps gob was his name or initials. You never know what the Andorran Catalans are upto.

Ford Transit custom cab, was it white? were you towing a caravan? were you going to Marrakesh? Marrakesh express.

It was a green transit minibus el hombre - the original ones with twin rear wheels each side, not towing anything that time.
We were on a spiritual camping adventure, one that a guru like yourself would understand, cool in a kaftan.
Buen Día fellow comrade LC owners,

We had a Transit van once, green it was.

Sorry for the delay in posting but the comrades and I have been ultra busy on the commune land.

Good news, we have managed to drag the 40 out of the woods and down the hill, #3 son was incharge of the recovery, we took two of the 80's up, one to drag and the other to act as an anchor, as for about 500 m the hill is very steep but it's the shortest way down, more news about the 40 to follow when we're not so busy, I know you're all waiting with batied breath, not :laughing-rolling::lol:

hasta luego
There are quite a few members on here from Spain now.
Is it beyond restoration to someone wanting a challenge to save one of these good old beasts, might be worth a few pesos in the commune coffers ?
As you managed to drag it out, (and not with a tractor) I assume it's rough but mostly intact ?
Green was it, after being in the woods ?
Shame no pictures, I dont understand all that stuff either, we must be very old school,
You must be very busy with your main crop in bud at this time, so wait for your bate further.

Hasta la vista