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7 Land Cruisers.

Espana Guru

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May 22, 2023
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Hola Land Cruiser Comrads,

My name is Fa, one of my nicknames is Guru, I have lived on a commune in Spain for many years, I am Spanish, (English at heart but thats another story), I speak and understand perfik Spanglish, I have been reading posts on your LCC for a while now and found them quite interesting and enlightening, especialy the latest post I was reading, then I was prompted by a friend to join.

We have 7 (I think) Land Cruisers on our commune, we haven't had internet for long and haven't been on the web much, so bear with me.
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Welcome to the forum Guru.
I've heard of a commune out there (maybe more than one) a few times would that be a real Guru ?
7 cruisers is impressive, must be a record on here, although some have quite few, and there are a few members out in Spain.
The more the merrier !
Thanks Tractorman,

No I'm not a real Guru yet, it's just one of the names my fellow comrads call me, one of the more plesant nicknames I might add.

They call me Guru because I own the land and the villa that the commune is on, 21 Hectares (about 51 acres), theres 15 comrads living full time in our commune, 7 Land Crusers all apart from one in states of disrepair, only one is road worthy, with an ITV

Just to add, what a coincidence that you are a tractor man, tractors are what we use most of the Land Cruiser for.
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A Guru in training then, eh ?
I know what you mean about the unpleasant names, haha. Water and ducks, yeah ?
Going right off track about Landcruisers, sorry, - that's an impressive land size too, sounds like a simple unrestrained life, that always interested me, I did a similar experience back in the day in UK, but it was nothing on that scale.
I assume you are mostly self sufficient there ?
Back on track, I also assume you do all your own work on the cruisers and use them on the land ?
Yes in training, I know a lot about nothing so that must make me a Guru, I don't do any work on the Land Cruisers, my number 3 Son is the Master Mechanic comrade.

A very un-stressd simple life, but very hard work, we are 99% self suffcient, we have our own spring water, we grow most of our own food, we have to use bottled gas, we have a forest so have plenty of fire wood chopped up, we also have a Diesel generator, but most of our power comes from the solar array farm, I inherited the land and villa a long time ago, oh one of the other nicknames they call me is Joe or Karl, we all have a go, so to speak, the higher we get when we are around the camp fire, we removerd the seats (apart from the driving seats) from the Land Cruisers years ago and use them for seating when we have our committee meetings.
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We used to have comrads vist from around the world, infact a couple of the Land Cruisers were left here by visiting comrads, but as of 2020 the committee have decided we will just keep it to ourselves, so to answer your question, No.
Interesting, so what model of land cruiser's do you have?
Good Morning I Wan, thank you for a warm welcome,

Apologies for the delay in my reponse, we usually go to bed early as we are up at at about 04:30, a lot to do, the commune dosen't run it's self.

I've just had a word with number 3 Son, and he tells me we actually have 8 Land Cruisers, 1 very old 40 series that I've not seen for at least 20 years, it broke down up in the woods and there it stayed, we have two old 60's, both run well but have no glass in them we also removed the front wings for ease of access, they both live their lives in low range as we tend to use them as tractors, and we removed the seats long ago more room to lug things around the commune.

Two 80 series that are also old but not as old as the 60's, so I'm told. Again, about in the same condition as the 60's, although I must say all the Land Cruisers (apart from the 40, that was intact when I saw it last) are in good rust free codition and run very well as we need them as work horses, my number 3 son maintains them very well and keeps a stock of spares in the workshop, He also has a contact for new and used parts for our LC's, we also have kept all the parts that we have removed over the years, wings, glass, seats, etc, etc.

1 105, 1 95, and 1 70, the 70 is the only roadworthy Land Cruiser with an ITV (MOT) as we need it to get to the village for the odd things we can't produce on the commune, and to take our surplus to market, collect our gas bottles (the gas bottle thread is what prompted me to join your LCC) and other things, also we are all getting old so we need a roadworthy car for medical needs or emergencies.

Btw, we find the 80's best for going up the wood's when we fell trees, their four wheel drive seems to be better than the others, and we can get a lot of log's in them.

Oh, and my wife has just reminded me of another nickname they call me, Franco, probably because all the others are huddling around the only old laptop computer we have reading this, and I'm barking my orders telling them nothings getting done. Must be the anarchist in me coming out.

Hasta luego,

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Buenas noches Tractor man,

On the contrary, as I said, they are all up and running, apart from the 40 up in the woods that my Grandfarther bought back in the late 50's or early 60's I think it was, I wasn't old enough to take any notice, but I do remember him taking me for rides around the commune. I will have to go and have a look at it now that you've rekindled my intrest, we'll see if we can drag it down.

We keep them in good running order, they are almost our life blood, would be very, very hard work without them, we hook up ploughs and all types of other things, we even have one of them with a home made PTO, so my number 3 sone tells me.

Feliz Noche.

P.S keep forgetting to mention, we do have a tractor, it's also old, so we do have somthing in common.

Gracias Mr Marx, apparently we sometimes have the same first name.

I was wondering and dreading when that question would raise it's ugly head, I'm afaid we are still in the Stone Age when it comes to technology, we have only just got a broadband signal, we only have an old laptop computer and it's very, very slow, powered by a steam engine that James Watt sold us, haha.

We used to have a digital camera but God only knows where it is (whoever you God maybe, and if you believe in one) it was left here by one of our visiting comrades back in the early 2000's I think. We might have an old 35mm SLR knocking around, I'll ask around the comrads. Then if I can get someone to work out how to get them onto the laptop, I will then get them in to your LCC.

In the meantime, strip down your LC to nuts and bolts and rebuild it, watch you kids and grandkids grow up, and wait for the next rainfall in the Atacama Desert, by that time I may have some pictures for you. But don't hold you breath, that'll bad for your health.

Visiting comrades have left lots of things behind, I won't mention some of the items we have found over the many years, you have to know this hase been a commune for a long, long time. Anyway what spured me to join your LCC was the thread about gas, we have three red bottles with Calor printed on the side, no use to us here in Espana, would you like them? Although I have been tempted to try to cut them up or re-purpose them, for what, I haven't got a clue, but if they are of any use to you I'll leave then at the end of our track, on the road side of the gate, just drive around Spain until you come across three smallish red Calor bottles by the side of the road, then you'll know your in the right place.

buena suerte,

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If they are the small dumpy ones, unless they are full of gas, they are no use to anyone except as paperweights. Calor has discontinued that size as mentioned in the other thread you were talking about.
Nice offer though, if anyone can find you.
Thats the point, don't make me call you pedantic, Cap'n obvious. You see, I have read the other thread you were talkin about.

But paperweights are a good idear, thanks Tractorman.

solo bromeo.
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Buen día Tractorman,

I to have been insulted by experts in the past. And like you, theres nothing any Guru can say or do to upset me. Yes I have read the Partner Stove thread several times, especially as new posts were added, the reason I was so intrested in the thread, is because I have only ever been involved in portable gas bottles here on the commune in Spain, so I have found the info intresting in the sense that there seem to be so many fittings and types of gas, and you TM seem to have a good knowledge of the different types used, in Europe at least.

As I said previously, I've been reading threads for a few weeks now (before I became a member) mainly in the Lounge forum, and although it can get a bit lively with different points of view being thrown around, it was interesting, but with reference to post # 63 in "Partner Stove" thread, it was sad, and it's such a shame, to see such an intresting (to Me) thread degenrate into a presonal insult thread with very thinly veiled threats of violence. And, if as you get older you are less willing to like people, then you will just turn into one of those sad old persons. Violence is not tolerated here on the commune...

My turn to ask some Guru questions. What is Lincomb and why is Wane getting the blame for it being ceased? Who is Wane d? Who is Nancy? and why should she be spanked? (more threats of violence) and who did she call a Boy? Can you explain the rules of the game, "Spank the Windbag", sounds like a game that would be great fun to play here in the commune, especially as the comrads get higher and higher around the camp fire on a Saturday night! Second to last question, how would we or TM recognize you at an event? will you be wearing a Guru hat?

Last question, what is a Big Green D? Re: post # 64 in Partner Stove thread. Big Green D sounds importnant, how do I get one?

Oh, one point, it would be rocket science if you try to put the wrong fitting into a full gas bottle.

Hasta Pronto.


P.S I see theres an vacancy for a moderator in LCC.

P.P.S I've just worked out what the like button is for, so, I've gone crazy, I am a novice on here‍.

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WOW indeed.

No, no, no, NOOOOO, theres nothing alleged, it's all true what they say about you, allegedly, I think.

Anyway, I'm just about to take one of the Land Cruisers up to the woods, to see if I can find the 40, the proletariat can do all the work today, I'm also going to bask in the shade.

It dosen't seem like long ago that I could run to the top of the woods.

The question is, will any of my questions ever get an answer, maybe theres more questions than answers.:confusion-shrug:

Mejores saludos.