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70 series

  1. W

    LJ70-71 Landcruiser Prado Suspension

    have a 1991 lj71 prado with the 2lt turbo diesel engine, want to do a 2-3 inch lift. just want abit of guidance, has anyone else done a lift on one of these and what works best?
  2. S

    Building a 70 series troop carrier diecast model!

    Dear Land Cruiser Club, I need some help, I am making a model of a 70 series land cruiser troop carrier - does anyone have good photos of the underside of the car on a ramp? I've got the rest of the car but needs some details for the underbody to make it real! Any help - gratefully received...
  3. Kimbo

    HZJ 78 setup

    Hello everybody. I noticed there's not so many new threads in this particular forum, so with a bit of extra time on my hands I thought I'd share some pictures of what we've got going on with our troopy. Firstly some background; I use this vehicle periodically for work also, hauling various...
  4. F

    1990 Land Cruiser 70 series SWB - clutch not fully disengaging

    Hello. I’m hoping to get some help and suggestions in regards to an issue I’ve been having with my truck that’s seeming very hard to isolate and fix. Please note: the issue is intermittent. It doesn’t occur every time. Usually about one in every three times. When I’m driving and start to slow...
  5. J

    Hey Everyone! I just bought my first landcruiser project!

    Hey everyone! I have just purchased my very first landcruiser project! Its a 1985 BJ73 Toyota Land cruiser MWB It has 449 000 kms on the clock and still drive like a beast! However, it has some issues, like anything thats 35 years old! It has some rust from where the FRP TOP has leaked...
  6. B

    HELLO :-) Need Help! - looking for 70 series OEM chassis CAD file

    Hello Everybody, Looking to fabricate and add to my Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series chassis - and I desperately need the CAD file - where can I get it? Thanks! Benjy
  7. S

    BJ 73 engine swap

    hello, i have just imported a 1988 bj73 with the 2.5TD VM HR588 from spain to the U.S. I am trying to find another engine to swap into it and very new to the land cruiser community any advice about which engine to use or references for information on how to swap would be much appreciated.
  8. Stretched 75

    75 series build.

    My 92 75 series is getting a heart transplant 1hz with 690.000 kms is coming out and an 03 1hd fte out of a 100 series is going in..
  9. Stretched 75

    Newbie in process of doing conversion

    Hi all stretched 75 here. From Australia. I've had the big girl about 5 years now, the 1hz has done 690.000 kms she's out now and have just bolted up a 1hd fte wirring loom yet to be done.. she's an x loggers 4x4. Hence the extra length in middle of chassis to carry a fuel tank 24/7. If some...
  10. Watamu LC

    KZJ78 for sale in Kenya.

    Dear all, The time has come for me to part with my much loved KZJ78W-PET. It has been a pleasure to drive and hope that it will go to a good home. The car is located in Watamu, Kenya and am hoping to find a serious buyer through these forums. If you know of someone, please feel free to share...
  11. Kimbo

    Troopy side window replacement

    So... I looked everywhere on the internet and found scant advice regarding replacing the rubber runs for the side windows on my HZJ 78. There was one good thread at exploreoz but this was...
  12. M

    70 series parts for 40 series ?

    hi I was wondering if I got my mates 70 series cruiser he said he will sell me cheep if I could use the gearbox diffs etc for my 1962 fj40 for the front discs and 5 speed box . I was hoping to swap complete diff and stealing racks any info would be appreciated I can get this 70 series for pretty...
  13. Karlos in a Cruiser

    VDJ79R - 70 Series Seatbelts

    The auto locking on the drivers seatbelt is driving me nuts. Go to put belt on. Lock. Lock. Lock. Goto open window. Lock. Unlock passenger dock. Lock. Drive over a speedbump. Lock. It is way to touchy. It will lock 15-20 times in a row sometimes. Slow pull. Normal pull. Lock. Lock. Lock...
  14. StarCruiser

    Lovely looking 70 on Ebay

    This one keeps catching my eye and apart from the wooden steering wheel, A bar and slightly dodgy looking trim and the price it looks to be a nice example. I wonder what they'd give me for a pretty much sorted Smart Car… :-)
  15. T

    78 Series central Locking and immobolizer

    looking to add central locking to a VDJ78 4.5 V8 bought an aftermarket one which works... kinda but the auto arming on it is an issue for potentially locking keys in car or locking before missus gets out and around to unload the kids (3 door 8 seater (Forward) conversion) im wondering if the...
  16. J

    Bodywork HZJ75 + bullbar

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Landcruiser HZJ75 4.2D. However, the car had a terrible accident and the right side needs some new bodyworkparts. Anyone know any good solutions, or people/companies who sells second hand bodyworkparts for a good price. I live in Belgium, and I'm willing to...
  17. T

    1998 Land Cruiser HZJ75 Questions

    Hey Guys, First off, I live in Victoria, Australia, I'm new to Land Cruiser's but have been wanting a decent 4x4 plus something that I can tow with for a while, so I apologise in advance for my newbie questions. I've been offered a 1998 Land Cruiser 75 Series with an aluminium tray for $5000...
  18. A

    Push the buttom but won't engage 4 wheel drive

    She won't engage into 4 wheel drive. When I press the button i can hear relays switch and The vacuum switches under the bonnet start to do something but no light comes on on the dash and does not go in gear. could it be the diaphragm that is conected to the gear box. is this a common fault...
  19. M

    Soft Top Windscreen Frame. 70 series.

    Hi there. I need some help to determine the best way to replace my soft top windscreen frame. I have been told that it is the same as the 75 series ute? These are available to purchase new so obviously a good option for me. Can anyone shed some light? Many thanks.
  20. Leopard

    Land Cruiser 70 Troopy

    A lot of you might recognize this truck from when Jonnie posted photos of it a few months ago. He mentioned that he might not keep it, so I jumped at the opportunity when he messaged me and asked if I was interested. My wife and I have had an overlander 80 series for a while now, but I've had my...