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80 series 285/75/16 tyre pressure?


Oct 17, 2020
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Just a query, what pressures do you run if using BFG ko2 a/t @ 275/75/16?
I have just checked mine and I thought they where ok but on checking were 25psi?
I have put 30psi in all of them and it has just done 200miles with the caravan and can hardly notice any difference.
Generally on the 80 when loaded up with RTT and camping gear I run 34F 36R on 285/75/16 BFG AT's or Cooper ST Maxx.
Thank you for your input, I don’t have a RTT or too much weight on board apart from the family.
The caravan is a twin axled van and I load the clothes etc over the axles.
I will run them at 30 psi and keep an eye on them.
I don’t want to ruin them do to running the wrong pressures, my work Hulu’s has done 56k on a set and they have been faultless but now need replacing but have nearly doubled in price!!!
33F/35R on 285/75-16. (Falken AT3W)
6000#+ GVW
80 series
Not a daily, so an uneven wear pattern is slow in coming.
No roar thus far after about 3 yrs and 10kmi and one rotation.
Wear looks even.
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I have 32psi all round, I have the back seats removed and I don't tow anything. I get good even wear on all tyres, I used to do a lot more miles and it was the same then.
When on road lightly loaded I am at 30, when fully loaded (3000 kg) and off road I run nearer 40.

Unless you are way over on the caravan nose weight the tyre pressures shouldn't be far from stock.