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90 series rear door lock heads up


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Feb 2, 2013
When the mrs finally tells you the rear door lock is loose , several years after 2 bolts had fallen out , at least a couple of years after the 1 remaining bolt had rattled around so much it wore a hole big enough for the head to pass through bodywork so the whole locking mechanism fell inside the door .

Then don't whatever you do while looking for replacement bolts of the same thread put them in too long and then without thinking because your caught out by a heavy shower of rain throw all your tools inside and shut the door .

I know a daft bugger who did exactly that and it took him 3 hours to get the door open again :doh:


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I also recovered the CD she put in the tape player :crazy:
Your wife sounds just like mine (50th anniversary this year !!).
Shes the light of my life , whenever i think i've seen it all and theres nothing left to astonish me she proves me wrong , and then of course tells me off for it .

Its all my fault her truck has a 10 stack CD system under the passenger seat you see , I should have told the previous owner not to put it there i guess .

We must be approaching 25 years :think: do you get knighted by the king at 50 years ....... because you should :lol:
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