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Age poll



Hi there
32 years old, driven a LC for about 8 years now.
Use to be driven around as a little BRAT in a huge, long green 40. Hunting and logging weekends.
Then bought a second hand lj70 which didn't have a straight panel on it. And I was bitten by the Toy bug. Sold it in better than I bought it shape after a lot of km's and work on it. I just about do everything myself on my vehicles.
Since about a year and half own a big long green 80 ;-)
Mostly for tinkering purposes as 3 kids, wife, dog and cat and work commitments tend to shorten your offroad time dramatically.
But hey next to 3 kids, wife, dog and cat. Cruisers need tender loving care too and mud tyres, ARB bull bar, winch, rear bar, spare tyre carrier, rock sliders, etc. etc.
All in good time though ;-)
1994 1HDT intercooled, 2.5" OME, big BFG AT