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AHC Fluid replacement

Andy Harvey

Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2010
Well after putting it off for a while (don't know why now) I finally got around to cleaning out all the old AHC fluid and replacing with lovely new pink stuff. When it finally came down to it it was a really easy job, only special tools 2ft of 5mm poly pipe and a 10mm ring spanner. Used two cans of toota AHC fluid and bled round each of the corners plus the accumulator twice till I had nice clean pink fluid coming out. Only additional bit of advice, take off the dust covers (not just flip them up - they are held over the bleed nipple with a rubber ring which stops you getting the pipe on properly and (as I found out) means the first time you undo the bleed nipple the fluid goes all over the place (Including me) as the pipe comes off. Only made that mistake once and it was thereafter a real piece of piss to do. Took less then 1 hour (taking it easy and having a few smokes on the way) even though every time I had done a corner I checked the resevoir and cycled through low to high a couple of times to make sure the fluid got all the way through and the air got out before I moved onto the next one.

What a difference on the road, I thought the 100 was smooth compared to my old 80 but it really is in another league now. I can even drive it on the softest comfort setting which is really smooth and the shockers actually do their job so it doesn't roll around like an old barge. Plus I can use it on the hardest setting and my teeth are still in my mouth and I haven't damaged my back.

Plus no more bangs from the suspension over bumps.

Really a job worth doing, really easy for the most basic mechanic (easier than bleeding the brakes to be honest) and really cheap to do yourself - £25 for two cans of Toyotas finest pink juice, a length of 5mm poly pipe and an hour of your time. To think the local Toyota dealer wanted to charge me £200 plus parts to do the job - that's a pretty savage hourly rate plus the service manager actually said to me that he doesn't know wh I want to do it - they had never done one before - doesn't fill you with confidence.