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Hello list chums,
to those concerned;I have had a look at the 2006 airlift application list and they
listed1979-1990 and 1991-1996.Further investigation by contacting the States reveals
that both kits cover the rear only but the earlier kit is for leaf springs and the latter is
coils.The coil kit is fitted inside of the spring after unbolting the bumpstop.This kit is
within Airlifts 1000 series of products which is generally light applications.Airlift do not
specify the series of Landcruiser, I have asked the boss for a price (this will be current
and subject to change due to exchange rates and shipping).
Next the hot water heat exchanger, I have bought a couple of them.Their original
function was and still is to warm the windsreen washer fluid for better screen cleaning in
poor weather.In reference to Julians application and bearing in mind comments posted
about not using the heater in the dessert etc it would be possible to T into the valved
control line before the matrix and run a heat exchanger in parallel to the heater matrix.It
may be nescessary to put a check valve in the circuit on the return line to stop back
feeding the matrix.It may be possible to fit a small tank within the confines of the engine
bay for this purpose,the only other item that would be needed is a small pump to
circulate the water to be heated,claims made on the fitting instructions mention
temperatures of up to 80 C......... much care ref burns!.Other wise a bespoke tank could
be made with the heat exchanger built into it,this way the water pump on the engine
moves the warmth through the tank.


Hi Dave,
THanks for the info.
On the air bag side of things, the early kit would be for I guess the
60 and 70 series, with the latter kit for 80s.
PolyAirs come well recommended on other LC lists and will fit a 100
(post 98 - what I'm interested in) - at the moment still undecided if I
will go down that route - will have to wait and see how existing
proposed suspension setup works.
As for the water heat exchanger, certainly of interest. I have been
considering some sort of tank arrangement, but for the storage of the
hot water on the basis of not wanting to have the engine running when
you want the hot water.
As for the plumbing, that's really going to be down to the dimensions
of the unit and available space in the engine bay.
Do you have any specs or pics of the heat exchangers - actually if you
could let me know the make should be able to find something on the web.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Skype: julianvoelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift