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Anyone know what this red dash warning light is?

Here is a photo of it on - 13FFD799-16BE-43BF-A427-2A28E2E6C574.png
Thanks Dave I found a similar diagram on the web but it doesn’t include the one I have.
I have just posted a photo in place of my drawing from the road.
Snap Karl. Was just thinking same. Although I have no idea where the sensor is for that
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Yea it does. Ok will play with the wheel a bit in next few days. Just got back from a 1300 mile drive from Marrakesh so prob won’t make it to the car again Til Tuesday.
Thanks everyone for your help. A bit worrying to have a red warning light so far from home
Before you do anything else top up the rear window wash water , just a hunch but simple things first .
And theres nothing jammed in the tailgate so its not shut properly .
Ok played around today with rear doors not closed or rear wheel not secured, car in drive gear etc but could not get that light on again. So pretty much out of ideas.
I might try to send it to a Toyota dealer and see if they know it.
Get it all the time when I drive of and the OEM wheel carrier is swing away behind me!
On US models it means there's 'Food Behind'.


Hotdog by the look of it.
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