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Auto folding mirrors

Group-buy - Auto folding mirrors

  • No. No fancy stuff for me - I drive a non-electrical Land Cruiser

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Timers are mega cheap so easy to install, it would be easy enough to do IMO, getting the wires into the mirror housing back through the door and into the car would take awhile though.


I might be dreaming, but i am sure I've seen 120's in the UK and in the SouthEast Asia region with auto-folding mirrors, and at the time I put it down to a newer trim level ( maybe the invincible had it? )

the way I park on the drive way, we need to absolutely fold them in; keen to have an auto kit if we can get it.

I'd be interested for the 120.

I have always found it annoying that the folding mirror switch doesn't light up.
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It must depend on the places you have to park but I think if I had auto folding mirrors I'd want to turn it off like the steering wheel auto retract feature. I can press the button on the rare occasion they need folding :)
Not at all CG, I just couldn't find it.

I read your posts end to end when you posted them, but if heated mirror glass is available as ready to fit units, that's even better. (Isn't it?).
could well be clive. Iirc some went this route and had some fitment issues. I might be wrong though.