Automatic gearbox issues


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I am currently having a few issues with my Automatic gearbox in my 1998 VX3.4lwb.

when setting off, pulls hard in first gear then you have to let off the accelerator for it to change up to the next gear.

when it shifts up the gearbox feels like it shifts up 2 gears so the revs are around 1k rpm. when you put your foot down hard to pick up speed, it goes back to first an bounces off the rev limiter( doesn't hold back so must go out of gear)

if you hold it half throttle it will accelerate slowly to 70mph where you have to let off again for it to drop the revs for cruising speed.

sometimes when its cold, at lower speeds you get a bit of judder.

the levels read fine on the box and it has dexron 3 in it.

Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction

thanks for taking the time to read this


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yes I have, the auto level is between the markers when cold and when hot. the fluid is all new and the colour is pink


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Since it sounds like low fluid level:
Check ATF level with the engine running.

(Just checking the obvious first -- remembering my first encounter with an automatic box)


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Running lean on fuel feels very like a worn clutch slipping in my manual diesel truck and i wonder if it might cause the symptoms you describe in an auto ?


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At first I thought it might be the dreaded coolant contamination of the ATF but sounds like that's not it.
Have you checked the coolant/radiator just to be 100%?

If not, then sounds like it might be a TC issue?