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BF Goodrich K02 USA or Thailand?


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Jan 29, 2011
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Apparently BFG All-Terrain K02 tyres are now made in Thailand. My current set were made in USA and are six years old. It won't be too long before I am looking to replace them. I have been very happy with my K02s but was wondering if the offering from Thailand is on the par with the USA tyres. Has anyone any experience of the Thailand tyres or can offer any advice on the subject.
Apple phones are made in China but we don't see any difference in quality. Thailand might just be another manufacturing hub for BFG. As long as it's genuine BFG, the standards will still be the same.
Some Landcruisers are made in Japan, some in Latin America and some in another Asian country if my memory is correct but all Landcruisers come out with the same quality.
Made in an American built factory from Vietnamese rubber by Chinese labourers under an Irish foreman lol

Its a processing plant so quality is all down to machinery which was probably imported to the USA from China in the first place .
Given the price and performance, it maybe time to look for other tyres anyway. I don't think the ko2's are worth the price they are listed at
Resurrecting this thread.. .

Anybody here using Maxxis Wormdrive or General Grabber AT2 tyres? Considerably less than the BFGs and will go on 'occasional use' 16" rims on my 100, mostly for overland use vs daily motorway stuff. Thanks!
I use worm drive on my 4x4 van and on my last grand vitara green laner, they’re a bloody good tyre IMO, quite a bit better than the k02 is every scenario except looks but still a good looking tyre, quite aggressive for an a/t
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Thanks! Been doing a little more digging - the Generals have a slightly better load rating (200kg better per tyre) which could be important on long expedition-type trips. The jury is still out, fortunately in no rush!
Hi Gary. I've been using GG AT2's for the past 4 years on the 120 and I rate them. I do swap them in winter though for Continental Conti 4x4 Ice Contact winter tyres only because they came cheap (£20 each) and I want to extend the life of the GG's. Wear on the GG's has been about 40% of tread depth in 25k miles so not as good as BFG AT 2's. They are no more noisy than any others .
One which I rate is the Yokohama Geolander I've been running on an 80. Good grip and quiet and not dear. Michelin Latitude Cross is another well regarded tyre which my 120 came on. I only took them off as I had the GG AT2's waiting and they were 265/70's instead of the 265/65's. Sold them on but that was a mistake.
BFG AT's would be my first choice if I was traveling overland to anywhere over harsh terrain but I think they are overkill for normal UK on and very occasionally off road use.
Never overlook the Falken Wildpeaks, had em on my 80 for about two years, they never seemed to wear, good prices as well compared to BF’s/ GG’s etc. Thet do a AT 2 version