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Bonnet (hood) adjustment


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Jan 14, 2019
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Perhaps just having a "blonde" moment today and hoping for some sanity.

The bonnet on my Hundy lifts (and bounces) on the nearside probably 10mm when being driven. Latch is secure. Its going to cause wear somewhere. I can't work out how to tighten or reduce the wobble.

Any ideas?
I think on the 120 theres a rubber bumper on each side you can adjust - maybe the 100's the same?
Thanks both will have a look in the light tomorrow. The rubber plugs as I thought they were didn't appear to move.
Yes, a rubber "bump stop" that can be adjusted on each side (front corners). But if increasing the height makes the hood too high on that corner, you have to instead adjust the latch down a bit. Iirc the mounting holes are oval (just like on the hinges).