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brake life



Hi, when Daisy had her MOT the tester said the brakes were fine, but were
70% worn. Presumably that means that fairly soon they will need replacement.
How long do Cruiser brakes (she is an 80 series GX) usually last and where
is the best uk supplier?
Claire :-}
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Further Info:
Hi Claire,
Were they referring to the disks or pads?
Genuine Toyota disks seem to last around the 100,000mile mark, obviously the
pads last a lot less time that depends on the quality of the disks and pads
and your driving style. I've never really monitored it on my own 80, but
would have thought that a set of pads will last 20-30,000 miles on the front
(2-3 times that on the back).
For standard replacements you can't really beat Toyota. The Milner Offroad
disks are cheaper, but last proportionally less time so it's really down to
your current cash flow and how long you are planning on keeping the vehicle.
If you are replacing the disks and want to take the opportunity to try to
improve the braking, you can go for something like 3G grooved disks that are
about half way between Toyota and Miloner prices and make quite a difference
to the braking performance.
On the pads front don't skimp, just go for genuine Toyota, or if you can get
them consider trying EBC Green pads (ideally the 7000 series, but the 6000
series will do) - they are about the same price at the Toyota pads but
improve the braking efficiency.
Now there's a question :) - where abouts are you?
Julian Voelcker
0845 508 6863
Ledbury, Herefordshire. UK
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift and a few goodies.