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Brake upgrade


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Apr 23, 2010
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Guys, I'm looking to upgrade the brakes on the 80. Wanted vented discs and braided hoses etc. Is there a readily available kit for this that anyone knows of?
Would save me a load of hassle/time of having to source individual parts for the job.

I'm assuming it's a pretty straight forward job.
Any pointers?

In the UK all 80's have vented front and rear discs so Roughtrax will have stock of both OE style or grooved /cross drilled upgrade versions .... also braided lines I would think
Some ....and I'm among them run 100 series front brake pads....also EBC and the like do different compound pads.....
I'm thinking along the lines of an upgraded booster like this: Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Brake Booster Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 1990-98 Dual Diaphragm Servo - 4x4 Works - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club] and I think that place had disc / pad 'upgrade' kits. Haven't got any further than reading their advertising so can't say if they're actually any good. Should be a straight forward job, yes. Rear discs pull off. Front discs are bolted to the hub, so a bit more involved because the hub has to come off, but still not difficult.
Roughtrax black drilled and slotted if they still sell them , genuine pads and a Biggred caliper overhaul all four corners made an astonishing improvement to brakes i thought were quite good anyway .

Same for all 3 of my trucks .
Thanx for the replies gents!

The brakes on mine a pitiful and I keep meaning to get them sorted so will crack on .
@JW... that booster looks interesting will investigate further thanx.
The aftermarket drilled and slotted discs Rought Trax sell are supplied by MTEC Brake in Derry N. Ireland. You can buy direct at about 25% cheaper.
Shipping to Z.A. would be costly.
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You can buy direct at about 25% cheaper.

Good shout, I got my set of grooved and dimpled discs from RT about a year ago. I'll bear this in mind next time I buy discs.

As an aside Chris and I fitted a full set of RT G/D to Des's 80 and they did feel pretty sharp, as in less pedal effort. I'd fit them again but I'd get them direct.
Off topic I know, but how is your other big project coming on @Olazz ?? Haven't seen an update for a while...
Nick, finished that some time ago now.

TBH, I'm not too sure it's really my thing. It's fabulous to drive and use, very comfortable and hugely capable.... but I haven't fallen in love with it as I have the cruiser travelling.

I'm really on the fence on this and deciding if I want to keep the truck or not.

Thats why I kept the cruiser just in case.
I'm curious regarding drilled / slotted rotors. In the dirt bike world people intentionally run solid discs to keep the mud etc out and eating pads - is that not a factor for LC80s?

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Well... a dirt bike's rear disc is often single skinned so they do overheat... I think the stock rotors on an LC80 are double-skin / vented, but not drilled or slotted, hence my curiosity towards the latter two choices.
There is the other choice as Andy said, grooved and dimpled.
Like Andy I bought mine from Roughtrax last year, without realising I could have got them cheaper. They didn't do grooved and drilled for my 120.