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Car Radio


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Jul 15, 2014
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I am looking to fit a new all singing and dancing radio/satnav/dvd ect to replace the standard model in my LC120 2005 Auto, after delving into a miriad of specs i find one i like , one of the interesting features its its ability to read the engine management system and return various data and thats where it get interesting!
Ity uses a CANBUS system to communicate and i believe this may have been adopted by later models 2009>, i am not sure what system my LC is using but have heard people mention CANSF?

Q. How do i find out what system my LC is using?
Q. Are there converters to change CANSF to CANBUS?
Q. Am i wasting my time?

Anyone had any experience or even suggestions on this?

On a 2005 LC, it propitiatory, a few people have tried various ODB readers and have failed. So IMO I think looking at integrating with the 120's CANBUS system is a no go....
thanks for that, it was fast become a minefield, would have been nice though

you mention it has a canbus system? Is this something you know? Been trying to find out what type it is?
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