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checking grease level cv



Hi guys
Is there a way to know how much grease is in the cv joint.
I ask because I have been having problems with my CVs ever since Toyota fitted them only a short while back.
One side has been leaking even after so called two complete seal changes.
The other side is the opposite not just in direction but in wetness.
None at all, in fact not even a bit of moistness on the ball.
So for the wet side I know a seal has been fitted wrongly or has failed.
But for the dry side how do I know whats in there.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
Unless you do a strip down - I don't think so.
Problem sounds like inner oil seal failure alright.
This sounds like no grease on the swivel housing.
There is a square bolt. I think on the swivel housing.
Its supposed to be used for topping up but not sure anyone uses it for
that - if at all.
You might be able to stick something in there like a pipe cleaner and
if it comes out clean then hey presto - no grease.
Otherwise you might be looking at a strip down.........
What about flying in er man Lal was on about in the states ???