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Chris's Funeral

Just had a word with Claire. It seems like 11.30 might be a bit early to be at the house as the leaving time from the house is going to be 1.00. It seems like we should be getting organised 12.30 onwards or maybe 12.45. All we have to do is follow the cortege which will consist of about 3 vehicles to the crem. So I guess its a meet anytime in the Pub and leave accordingly.
The pub to meet in is the "Smithy Pond". It is just before Chris's road called "Lakeside". There is no height barrier and its all arranged for us to be there. The landlord has requested that we park in a corner together and not in front of the pub it's self.
Hi it's Claire
Thanks for all the photos they are fab and made us smile. Glad so many of you can make it. Andy is right in that you can all meet in the pub car park, all they ask is that you park down the left hand side as you enter, it's away from the main front of the pub. I have tea and biscuits for you all just pop through the car park hedge where you are parked and you will see us. Funeral director's know the plan. We leave at 1.00pm Follow us and then overtake on the long stretch of A61 dual carriageway approaching tesco roundabout - Andy L knows the way. You will then be able to park at the crem before we get there.

Will be good to see you all just a shame about the circumstances
C x
Can anyone who is thinking of camping please pm me.
See everyone else friday.

Thanks clare for the update. Hope your all ok
Hi All, I'll be coming up in the daily driver as I no longer own a Land Cruiser. My plan is to come up and back the same day. I won't put the non Cruiser in the procession, so I'll meet you all at the crem.

Thanks for keeping us updated on the plans, sounds a fitting last journey for Chris.
Really sorry guys but I won't be able to attend this unfortunately as I have other commitments. I'll be raising a glass however at 1pm. Best wishes to all the family that Chris leaves behind and all his friends who attend. rest in peace Chris
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In the middle of Germany at the moment, but will certainly be raising a glass to Chris tonight. Rest easy Chris
At the other end of the country this week but will raise a glass in Chris' memory tonight.

I'm sure the Landcruiser drive past will send him off in style.

Rest in peace Chris.
Definitely will be raising a glass to Chris today, but from another end of the country.
Our thoughts are with you Claire and family, and the host of forum attendees.
We’ll be raising a glass for Chris here in Romania.
I'm still in Edinburgh and unable to attend, for which I'm feeling rather guilty. I'll be thinking of you all today and hope that you give Chris a fitting send-off.

Best wishes to Claire, family and friends . . . Friends - make sure that Claire is looked after following the funeral as she will be feeling rather 'flat and down'.

I hope it all goes well and that the Landcruiser Guard of Honour is successful, and remember . . . We Need Pictures (or even a Calendar) !

Hello Claire, whilst I knew Chris was very unwell as another forum member had told me, Chris and I did have a private message discussing his health issues only a few weeks before his early demise. I only learned yesterday of him moving on and of his funeral, of course you and your family have my profound sympathy.

Even if I had known of his funeral I could not attend due to two reasons, living in Spain being one of them and a present health issue also means I cannot travel at the moment. Despite not having met we had conversed over the forum over the years, there was the occasional crossing of swords with neither of us wanting to give quarter but the outcome was always a friendly one. One of his comments was about my Land Cruiser not being used 'off road', although he along with other forum members knew better, so a bit of fun for sure.

There is not much I can say Claire that has not already been said, so I will finish here. X

RIP Chris 'Super Moderator'.


Thanks for the open invite Claire. My health is up and down, on a down turn at the moment. Bad timing. I hope you and all attenders will have a memorable day. Good forum, bad loss.
Hello Claire, a big ‘thank you’ from me for your hospitality, care and kindness on Friday. It was fantastic to see the ceremony packed out with family, friends and colleagues, clearly the big man is sorely missed. I won’t be listening to Rush playing ‘Closer to the Heart’ again without a tear or two.

Whilst a somber and sad occasion it was lovely to see you and your two wonderful children, who are clearly very (rightfully) proud of their dad and his achievements. As was said, we are unlikely to see his like again. He will be sorely missed.

I’m sure I speak for all of us - if there is any help or assistance we can render, please let us know!

With best wishes to you all, including glorious Merlin!
So sad, RIP Merlin, you left paw-prints on many hearts. Condolences to all.
Sad news indeed Andy.
Guess his job on this earth is done.

RIP Merlin. Above everything ‘dog’, you had presence.