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Common causes and fixes


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Nov 7, 2023
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After having my car for a couple of days I've noticed a couple things that seem to not function

ECT Button and Overdrive buttons don't light up on odometer after clicking them

The inside of the engine has a hole where there probably was a snorkel but I'm unsure if that's supposed to be left open

Speedometer needle is accurate but slightly shaky

Fuel needle takes forever to move after a full tank

Battery needle shaking constantly

I'm able able to move 4x4 handle but I don't know if it's the H or L setting

Unsure what the hole is by the ignition switch

Light inside the key turn is always on

Top door latch of the rear door doesn't work

Car shakes while idle and shakes less when riding on idle up button

Also what tools should I get? And what fluids should I flush? And what other parts of the car should I inspect both within the engine and under the car?