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dash lights stay on

erik spain

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Aug 25, 2020
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Hi LC fans ,

got a series 100 automatic from 2002 with quiet some extras like winch , lights , compressor for suspension , etc .
all works fine , runs great but a lot of dash lights stay on when the beast runs .
some fans experienced this before ?

regards Erik
these stay on , and also can't find anything with my Auto diagnostic .
can do quiet some things with cars but electric is not my thing .
so hope to get some advices from you guys over here .

and to forget
:text-merryxmas: for everybody .

below a picture of my dash


  • tempImageeYpsLr.png
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Merry xmas to you too!

First of all, when the engine is running whats the voltage at the battery?
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If the engine is running it sounds like rhe alternator isnt charging the battery. Is the belt on ok? If you rev it up a bit any change in the voltage?
All the lights on older Toyotas usually means some alternator/charging/voltage problems. On newer ones it can mean the is a fault code somewhere - ecu, abs etc. and needs scanning.
Hi guys ,

Tested the voltage charging on left battery gives 14.44 volt and right battery 14.48 volts .
got two new 95 ah 830 installed also .

is it still possible that there is a bad earth connection ?
Check that plug on the back of the alternator. Wiggle it while someone watches the dash.. give it a good clean inside with contact cleaner.
Hi guys ,

Sorry but was busy with other things .

Checked really all I think:confusion-confused:!!!
Also plug at the back of alternator , took out the fuses connect the earth cables again .
Should it be possible the dash print is broken or so .
Most common:
  • Alternator plug
  • Changed/leaking windshield - water on ECU or junction block under dash.
  • Ground strap for engine (at engine mount and rear of top). Same for batteries.
Ok thanks ,

Another things to check ,
happy with all of you on this forum .