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Defender versus LJ70 Cruiser



I've owned both a TD5 Defender 90 and a 2.4 4cil TD 70 cruiser.
Both vehicles were in pretty bad state when I bought them.
Paint jobs torn up from bramble bushes and general lack of maintenance.
I lived with the underpowered lj70 cruiser for 8 years and a heap of km's
I had the TD5 for about 2 years.
The reasons I shipped the DEF to the next happy owner.
1) the gearbox whined and whinged and nothing was wrong with it. My mate
also has a LR Defender
and it whined also.
2) 100 km/hr on the highway and you need to install an intercom and helmets
to talk to your passenger.
3) The air-filters are sadly engineered, who sticks a flat panel airfilter
in a 4x4????
4) Paintwork and body corrosion on a LR are a never ending story. You need
an endless reserve of stainless
5) Bolts are seldomly galvanised and therefor break when adding accesories.
6) When driving you can hear "every" road noise, including your shocks
pushing up and down.
7) The fuel filter is located in the rear wheel well, probably the worst
place to stick it. All the muck get's thrown at it.
8) Somewhere in the electrics there is a system, but LORD I never found
What I liked about it.
Nice and tight little offroad vehicle, get's through some awfull terrain.
Decently powered although I was searching
for a Rev counter. It's dirt cheap and accesories are plentyfull.
If your the tinkering kind and just love to work on a vehicle a LR is the
way to go.
If you like peace of mind and a gentle giant buy a Cruiser.
Currently busy learning basic driving skills to a teenage gothic 17 year old
girlie thing.
The vehicle of choice a 1986 Toyota starlet 12V 4cil 1000cc gasoline thingy
4 speed front traction.
Options NONE, not even power steering ;-)
Toy HDJ80 1994, 2.5" OME, intercooled,
285/75R16 BFG AT


Hi Chris,
A 70 series cruiser with a 13BT (3.4l direct injection turbo truck in)
is much more driveable. A repowered 70 series with a 1HD-FT with a
intercooler is postively sports car like and scary in the wet.
R/C Colleman wrote: