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Diff lock



Well.. I'm driving a 80, with an open front diff and a LS-diff in the
back (but there is not much limit in it any more).
I was wondering what lockers to install if I wanted to install lockers
on both front and rear diffs..?
The ARB air-locker is the obvious choice, but are there any alternatives?
Michael Thorsager, Denmark,
1997 VX80, 2.5" OME (and some other stuff)
The toyota LSD is only good for about 30,000 miles, then it needs
re-building. Short of fitting Toy. electric lockers the ARB are
probably the best. That is the way I went.
Clive Marks
Home: +44 1293 514600
Mobile: +44 7821 491897
Crawley, West Sussex, UK.
No clutch LSD is good for more then 30000 km. They jest slip themself
unto death. There is the torsen and the G-spot from Jeeps that is
excepting that rule.
ARB is very expsnsif here in France. But that compresseur can be used
for other things like pumping your tires.