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Hi from southern snowy sweden


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Sep 2, 2022
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Hi all , I thought id posted already but cant find it , im a scotsman living in southern sweden ,been offroading for about 35 years owning just about every make and model of offroad cars , i compete in offroad trials and challenges and just for fun , ive got a 86 lj70 i swapped for an electric mountain bike , the guy i got it from did a body off resto , chassis fixed where needed , all new brakes , brake lines , bearings , diffs refurbed arb air locker in front diff , fuel lines etc , body rot cut out and fixed , he got bored with it and put in his workshop and bought a jeep wrangler , so i got it and there wasnt too much to finish to get it on the road its kitted out for offroading , lifted 38” tyres , winch , rock sliders , its a weapon offroad body has been rapter painted really tough paint ive not managed so scratch it yet


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Good to see you here. I’m a little further up the country.
Hi Tell here, greetings from Windy Gero.
From Geraldton, West Australia.
I have a 2010 vdj 79r, great ute but been used a bit rough, too much beach work. A year ago I put it into a brake shop to get a check up. Yep hadn't