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Disco and New LC 150



Got a demo 150 next weekend. I have a deal with Westlands toyota,so
they look after me well. They had my wifes 120 back in October, so a
new 150 will replace it in jan. Will have it here for next ELCO at
Lincomb, (date to to fixed.)
For remote overlanding, Australia and South Africa, Toyota should
upgrade the 78 troopie with that 4.5 diesel, to the 80 series axles
with coils, for a better ride, and sell it in the uk!!
On 29 Nov 2009, at 07:32, DAVID WALL wrote:
> Reading the posts I would say people have a real hang up on
> electronics - come on guys, lets face it, modern world elecronics
> are SOOOOOO much better than old electronics - sealed connections,
> better wires and components etc etc etc
> I think the electrical components in the new cars aren't always
> going to be the week point - that being said, I wouldn't trust the
> disco electronics, as they have probably be designed down to a price!
> Dave
> From: Dick Valentine <[Email address removed]>
> To: [Email address removed]
> Sent: Saturday, 28 November, 2009 22:06:28
> Subject: [ELCO] New LC 150
> Hi all, I have followed with interest the Disco3 debate and the
> merits of
> the car
> For good or bad. It seems that a good old Toyota LC with High/Low
> gears and
> a
> locking diff can perform just as well, if fitted with decent tires.
> Untill recently I drove a LC120 AWD manual with centre diff lock a
> cracking
> car
> That took me anywhere I wanted to go, unfortunately for economic
> reasons we
> had to part
> Company.
> An all new LC150 is now being released for 2010 in the UK, It will be
> similar to the
> Out going LC120 with 3ltr diesel engine, slightly improved interior
> and body
> tweaks.
> However the trans system is going to be a drive by pictures
> arrangement that
> seems
> to be very like the Disco3/4 setup, is this the way forward? Or are
> the big
> 4X4 car makers
> storing up reliability problems for the future, with the increasing
> use of
> electronic Gizmos.
> At between 30 and 45 grand for the new LC it could be expensive to
> find out.
> Your thoughts
> Dick Valentine
> Currently driving Toyota Avensis
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Just for interest, the 150 is available here in the UAE with
either 4.0l V6 or 2.7l straight-4 petrols, as well as the diesel.
Only the diesel comes with a manual though.
Fortunately for the Luddites amongst us, the 79 pick-up soldiers
on with a choice of 1FZ-FE or 1HZ motors, without the option of
an auto. Coil springs at the front, but good old leaves in the
The 200-series station wagon is way out of my price range, but
those who can afford it can get the Lexus version with a 360
horsepower V8. Petrol alas, but really who'd run a diesel when
the fuel costs 2 quid a gallon, twice the price of 95 octane?
Ex-FJZ80, looking around for a replacement