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Drive shaft boot OEM 04438-YZZB5


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Sep 9, 2019
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Good Morning Everyone,

About 15k miles ago i bought new drive shafts (not cheap, made in Germany couldn't get OEM in time) for my 100 series from RoughTrax and today i noticed one of the outer boots is leaking at the small end of the outboard boot. This doesn't say much for their quality !
Has any one tried the replacement boot 04438-YZZB5 which is slit on one side so you don't need to remove the driveshaft to fit it ?

Im interested in peoples views, how long it lasted etc

A bit on the side of your specific question, but if the leak is around the shaft, wouldn't it be just to reclamp the boot? As an alternative to the metal clamps, you can use a quality tie-wrap, as they are easy to fit and easy to get enough clamping force with.

Iirc, there are threads on mud re the split boots.
Unfortunately they are beyond that UHU poor quality rubber i guess. The shaft and both joints are still good and in fairness when i checked MOT's they have done 39k and fitted in June 2019. Toyota want £975 each !! and for a boot kit £205 and then there are the wheel bearings, seals, needle bearings, gaskets etc etc which added up to £293 im really not a fan of aftermarket parts but im buying another set of shafts from Roughtrax it seems to be the sensible option. I'll reboot the old ones when i can find a good replacement. Thanks for your reply, always helpful.