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EGR blanking plate size


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Feb 25, 2023
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I wonder if anyone here would happen to know the dimensions of a blanking plate for a 1997 1kz-te Colorado egr valve , I can’t seem to find them anywhere, I know that I can buy them but I’d rather make my own and am not sure the dimensions, thanks
If you get the nuts off where its going then there should be a gasket you can use as a template and the plate should only take minutes to make .
And use a 6 point ring spanner to save yourself the headache i made for myself by rounding the nuts

Now the hardest thing is trying to find a set of 6point ring spanner’s , can’t find them anywhere lol
Halfords brake line spanner , I can't remember the size for sure but i'm thinking my only brake spanner is 10mm one end and 12mm the other ?
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So a small update , I’ve managed to get the egr valve off at the top end ( I could get a ratchet behind there ) fabricated a plate but now no matter how hard I try I cannot get the egr to go back onto the 2 studs , I’m wondering if anyone else had this and has found a solution
All I did was slide the egr off of the 2 studs and grab the gasket to use as a template , ( made the plate ) then slid the gasket and the plate in place and tried to put the egr back but it just won’t line up
I'm intrigued. I've had my Colorado for 18 years now, its a 1997 3.0 Diesel and didn't realise it had something as technical as an EGR valve!!
Whats the story and should I clean it after 150k miles. Still runs and rev's no problem so should I lose any sleep over it ?
It will run better and for longer if you clean out the gunk and blank the egr .
I believe it's better to block / restrict it where it enters the EGR cooler, not at the EGR valve end
I don't suppose it matters much which end but 2 nuts and the whole egr is defunct and void so why wouldn't you blank it at the manifold ?
Your in NZ , not sure if you have inspections of any kind but nobody will ever look at the manifold end so your egr will appear to be fully functional .
Fair call. It’s just that I’m going to clean the inlet manifold so will already have it disasembled.
but as you say it’s only a couple of bolts.
thanks again.
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