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Elecronic Diesel Tuning Devices


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Feb 2, 2013
Factory set fuel delivery only enough to match 5psi of air would run so lean it would stop the engine if you were actually ramming 10psi into the mix . A bigger injector delivering more fuel than the ecu is aware of could bring the fuel air ratio back into spec .

Double numbers is a bit extreme but it helps to get the principal across .


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Jan 11, 2018
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Shayne just pointed me to this thread so I am pasting my pm question to him:-
Hi Shane, as you may remember I relatively recently bought a 197000Km J95 Prado and I am very happy with it. My KZ-TE is bog standard AFIK but the turbo boost is turned up to 19 I think???

However, it is always nice to have more power! I was just reading in a EGR blanking thread, that you fitted an inter cooler. Mine does not have one. I never had a diesel before and my head is spinning! EGR blanking/oil catch cans/intercoolers (flat v vertical) so much to learn!!

I am so screwed up just now, I am asking you this question, and walking away from the PC for a day or two just so I can chill! :grinning::grinning:

Anyway, with hindsight, do you think it is worth fitting an inter cooler?


PS I will now read the whole thread when I can find time.