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Elecronic Diesel Tuning Devices

Its difficult to modify when you need the car daily because there's no room for trial and error so i can appreciate your problem mate . Same things stopping me building a garage i need an empty space with no cars needing work to get a start . And let's not mention the weather in case it hears us :shifty:
Thanks for the heads up with the filter, it didn't really cross my mind for to clean it but at 190k miles, I think it's worth a shot!

Shayne, looks to be a pressure sensor according to that site. Not too sure if you even found the correct wiring loom it would make a difference. I read somewhere the ECU's are different on the OEM intercooled 1kz's.
I was constantly fiddling with the fuel setting before i cut the wires from the intake sensor (which is same as yours) and i do remember thinking hallelujah when i wired them up to the intercooler so its a fluke i'm happy to run with .

Perhaps the ecu contains more than one program and the sensor itself tells it which to use , it would certainly make things easier on the production line ?

Top speed is not my goal i have never seen the point of owning a 200mph car when you can get banned for doing 80 , bikes were different but i was young then . I enjoy my truck where its at , if the nose is slightly high and the road is good and dry an over enthusiastic dart over some crossroads from the stop sign will have my front end bouncing . When i escape the roundabout and the wheels spin in second gear its just silly and makes me chuckle . What i like about power is that it demands your attention . On a motorway the truck feels comfortable at about 80 and a bit tethered at 70 . As tall as my truck is 80 is fine and a blown out tyre at that speed would certainly give me lots to think about . However even at 80 there is plenty left in reserve should i feel the need to overtake .
Hi Pete please let us know what you think if you go ahead with the purchase as i might like one myself at that price
Just picked up my doner fuel pumps for kaiapoi repowers. I'll be in the South Island in December so I'll drop them off then. Its a 1kzte pump and a 2lt. I'll be back home in Febuary/March so a while off the install yet. I'll also need to make up a new accelerator cable but Cori from Kaiapori has assured me there are cables from other toyo trucks that will do the job.
In other news I have picked up a Surf for our last leg of tripping around NZ. I am well jealous of them over here, no big deal having a 4WD or big diesel/petrol engine over here. They are cheaper to own and everything is high spec. You can pick up some superb examples for 3-4 sterling/euro.
I have an Xrox winch bumper on the way home and also a few other mods, its just so easy to pick them up over here that I just had to. Also inspired by the amount of modded Prados/Surfs and Landcruisers grunting around the country so plenty of ideas for when I get back ;)
The thread rumbles on :)

DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0011.JPG
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I have tried several times to get a response from NO LIMIT TUNING, seems like they run a dead wibsite...
no reply

I have very bad experience with this guy DONATORSTORE . I purchased a box there more than a year ago. they sent one for a BOSCH VP44 instead of DENSO. I returned the unit and they even told me that they will send out the exchange but never arrived. tried and tried to no avail. bad people out there. lost 200 quid with this bandit.

so if someone else has sourced a box please let us know
Just a little update. Surf head went, when replacing it was noted all four piston heads were cracked! Great!
Have been down with Kaiapoi repowers and found out some interesting facts.
You can fool the ECU and increase boost with electronic chips and those guys do it with Unichip.
They prefer the mechanical pump as they like to go wading but you can achieve the same gains (give or take) with a chip when compared to a mechanical pump. And I would take these guys word for it. They are all over these engines.
I was also advised that 80% of the time overheating and cracked heads on the 1kz-te is down to deteriorated injectors so get them checked ;)
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The refurb tool seems a false economy to be honest Beau , you have what 200k miles on your original set and only now your thinking maybe they could do with a refurb .

Those guys in NZ might be the top dogs at tuning our engines and its the "our spec or Toyota's spec" that interests me .
"Thinking" but at the right price really. Engines running good enough for me not to even touch it. Many of the cruisers out there are most likely running around on original injectors, plenty of them close or in excess of 200,000 miles and without a problem. Not saying it can't do with a recon, but will they improve anything is the question.

Those NZ run a mechanical pump though which pushes more fuel out than our electronic pumps (unless you have a tuning chip), and so I'm not sure if a different spec injector will improve things. Also these injectors are very basic. The tip is what atomizes the fuel, the spring sets the injector pressure working alongside the pump which measures the fuel quantity as well. This is why these engines aren't very tuneable. The D4D engine with high pressure fuel pump and direct injector engine are very easy to work with in terms of fueling and pressure, hence why a lot of aftermarket tuning devices gives heaps more power than stock.
Injectors are a new mystery to be investigated for me Beau in truth it had never occurred to me that they could be tuned so its all an open question .

It may interest you to know that they replied suggesting i add a boost box to combine shipping which allows about 20psi from the factory turbo for $295 .

NZ dollars are roughly 57p to the pound .
What's a boost box? And 20psi will work alright, but what about the fueling side, these electronic pumps & ECU are only mapped up to 14psi?
I just assumed it was a tuning chip of some sort but looking at their website the 1kz unichip is $1600+ so i guess its a trick resistor aimed at fooling the ecu ?

I emailed them again this morning asking what benefits their injectors alone might bring saying i see no advantage in increasing boost past 14 when i am limited by the pump anyway .

I also invited them to the forum so fingers crossed on that one :handgestures-finge:
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Trying to make sense of what upgrade injectors might do for our modified trucks and i'm thinking , though i'm a long way from sure , that it would allow us to turn the fuel down for a cleaner burn lower egt and better mpg .

Trying to make sense of what upgrade injectors might do for our modified trucks and i'm thinking , though i'm a long way from sure , that it would allow us to turn the fuel down for a cleaner burn lower egt and better mpg .


Cleaner burn and lower EGT, possible with better atmomisation of the fuel... but doubt it'll be so good where we'll need to turn down the fuel. Optimizing timing of fuel being injected will have more all round benefits than what any upgraded injector can do. And even so, these injector pumps are actually quite modern in the way they actually advance themselves at higher rpm for more power, so fueling isn't actually done on a linear curve, but more tuned. Ever since I've cleaned the head ports and intake with any EGR grime, I don't get any smoke out the back except from a touch on startup. This is good indication to me at least at how clean she's burning.

I've also read how the majority of the time people don't even notice any difference other than a slightly quieter engine after having there injectors reconed.

Just trying to think logical here but with injectors they can only adjust the opening pressure and the way the fuel is atomised, no more. The opening pressure can't be too far off stock because the injector pump has to be able to provide the needed pressure. A finer tip may allow for more atomisation but quantity of fuel may be decreased, unless the injector pump can be mapped with it. This is why modern injectors like the D4D run substantially higher pressures, but with a significantly smaller injector tips. This is also why these engines struggle running on bad quality diesel and alternative fuel sources, due to the tighter tolerances.
That all sounds logical Beau but i have to assume what we actually do when we "turn up the fuel" is increase pump pressure which would explain varying results from individual trucks as only good clean injectors will allow more fuel to be forced through due to the increase . Maybe we only get away with this because its indirect injection ?

I don't care what anyone says these are tough engines so one cylinder being stronger or weaker than the rest would be water off a ducks back in the short or medium term .

What if the squirt hole was made slightly larger and given an alternative pattern allowing the increased flow to "mist" mixing fuel and air for a more potent cleaner burn , timing and pressure need not be altered the only thing we need is more air which we both have already .

I'm not entirely convinced ,web searches tell me very little indeed accept it seems to be the first mod the Cummin's guys do .

I questioned the warranty given the distance offered by the seller and the answer was a very off hand "send them back if you want but nobody ever has" which would be reassuring had it not come from the seller :lol:

CAT is out there i think so it would be nice to hear from him if he knows someone running these injectors .

I don't know but the "slightly quieter engine" says to me balanced .
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Hi All, I have been following this thread since I have a 1kzte and would like some more power out of it and found this for sale.. maybe it can be of interest to somebody.

Below is the translated description of the item.

''This item is a controller that can be powered up by changing the injection time injection quantity of an electronically controlled Toyota diesel engine (not electronically controlled throttle).
As there is a change in acceleration with a simple switch on-off,
horsepower should definitely rise. Especially the effect is felt on the slope.

Since it is with installation instructions for 1 kz in regard to installation, I think that it can be installed easily. Although we installed Giboshi without using Giboshi but after installing it with a heat-shrinkable tube, there was no problem ◎

It seems possible to adjust again so if you are a detailed person more horsepower up may be possible ♪ It becomes a brief explanation Thank you for your consideration. ''
What's a boost box? And 20psi will work alright, but what about the fueling side, these electronic pumps & ECU are only mapped up to 14psi?

No idea what the boost box is? He didn't mention it to me. Just to answer your question there Beau. From what I have been told the Unichip tricks the ECU with regard to boost so that greater psi can be achieved on the electronic pump. I am not sure how the fueling is increased in relation to the electronic pump though.

The injectors that Kaiapoi sell are "re-built" injectors that they "spec slightly different" to suit the manual pump.

Now I am just taking Cori's word for it in this regard. I am at 150k miles at the minute so I don't really mind changing them though.

Check out the facebook page for some chrono stats of what these guys have done with the 1kz.

Quote from the site.
"What a great way to finish up a busy week with A Possible NZ FIRST ???

1KZ 28PSI 200.2RWHP
483 nm to the ground


I was on site when he was tuning a 1kz fitted into some sort of Jeep (excuse the language)
He was saying he needed a better turbo to really get the most out of it and looks like he got it with that 28psi reading.

This is next level stuff though and I wouldn't want to take things as far as these guys do.