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English Language Owner's Manual for 2000 LandCruiser Prado?


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Aug 6, 2015
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Hi -- I'm completely new to the Land Cruiser world (have owned Tundras and Highlanders in the past) and have just moved to Costa Rica with my family for an extended period -- also a new experience. I just bought a 2000 Land Cruiser Prado, which I love, but all of the manuals and service history are in Spanish. I am passable at conversational Spanish but am hoping that someone at this forum can point me to a place where I can download a pdf version of the owner's manual in English? All of the spots I've found seem like nothing but spam...

Any help is most appreciated. For the record it has the 5VZ gasoline engine....

I got a few PDFs regarding this vehicle, placed them on my Dropbox but apparently I am not allowed to post a url to download.

Drop me an email so I know where to send the link

[email protected]

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