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EX MOD Self recovery matting


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Mar 22, 2010
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Seen a thread on the HUBB that L Jackson & Co are selling these for £20 ea


Are these any good in the sand?

They also have some pierced steel planking
These might also be of interest Kevin - it's a system called PillowTrack
Effectively, a set of 2 rugged rubber bags that are grippy and either fill a space or give you traction if you get stuck.
Might be worth double checking the burst pressure first as you'll be fully loaded for the trip. ... 3f012c4aa8

I've heard they're not overly popular from guys on the forum but they look more versatile than those big sand boards to me, hence my post.

They're not cheap @£145 but there's an offer button. I might get a set but if we have to use them, it means we picked the wrong route on the trip. You'll probably hit more mud than us on the West coast so maybe you'll need recovery kit more than me.
I can see them being more useful for offroad playing where getting stuck isn't an issue.. Then again, you'll probably have someone to pull you out anyway and the cruisers don't get stuck do they :)
Cheers for that Matt

hmmm those look nice. Pricey though. I might make a crazy offer and see if its accepted.

I'm still undecided on what I'm going to do for self-recovery.
Most routes we will be going where there is at least some traffic. So I'd be begging some trucks to pull me our if need be. :pray:

We're definitely not taking a winch so...

Hows your truck prep coming along?
Overland Journal did a test of various traction aids and they weren't very complimentary about those pillow tracks IIRC.
Ok thanks for the info John.. Based on that it's time for me to remove them from my eBay wishlist. I appreciate your feedback :)

Plan B now is "Don't get stuck!" or get a winch... :)

Kevin - if you have a winch and these didn't get good reviews then probably a good idea to not get them.. (I trust the gurus on the site)
Ta Matt

Didn't end up making an offer on those.

I'm with you on "Plan B - don't get stuck" . Thats 1st priority.

Planning on missing the wet season in central Africa so hopefully we wont have too much mud to deal with.
The more I'm planning the trip the more I'm tempted to take more than 3 months. Might extend it to 6 or 7. So we might run into some mud anyway. If so I'm happy to just wait it out.

There are no jobs/commitments to get to so we're going to take our time I reckon!

Man does this look like fun or what!:
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Have used these at work in v thick mud and they were crap! We carry the metal bridging ladders but the traction mats don't work and when you try they just shred..

My 2p worth....