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Expedition Overland Nordic Series


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Jan 14, 2019
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Not sure weather you all follow these guys, they were my inspiration for becoming poor, sorry, getting in to self sufficient vehicle based travel.

Their new series landed on YouTube last Saturday for the UK and the 2nd episode was this morning.

Their current trip is one of my ideal adventures and one I'd have on my radar for next year.

I really like the way they put their content together and the team harmonics.
Tnx for posting. Very well made.
Yes - have been enjoying it, and seeing some places we visited in past again.
Nice find - not seen this lot - another one for our watching list!
Will have to watch those, that's a trip I'm interested in doing and has been on my list for too long.
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I’ve been following them for a while. Their trip through South America was good, I do laugh a little at this one as they’re somewhat ‘overdressed’ for the tarmac of Europe… I don’t think Americans realise Europe is not only ‘discovered’ but paved
Coming from Africa it’s taken me a few trips to realise that my 29yr old triple locked Cruiser on stock size tyres is more than capable of pretty much most of Europe… and makes me wonder whether moving to Aus/US/back to ZA is really the only option to fully embrace this type of outdoor lifestyle.
Still plenty of exploring to do in Europe if you want to get off the blacktop, but agree that you don't need 35" tyres etc to do it. That said, the interior of Iceland can be pretty challenging...

In all honesty though, if it wasn't for the kids we'd seriously consider moving to Aus.