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FJ40 etc



Steve wrote...
I seem to remember other members have knowledge of things African, is there
no response because I put FJ40 in the subject line?
Keep a stiff upper lip and don't let your paranoia show my man. If they
told the truth most of the others here are jealous that you should have
such a macho machine to go and play with. We enjoy hearing from any Toy
owner. We have all types here, even a lady member who has an extra tank on
board for her gin when she goes on safari, what a woman. Its nice to have a
variety of owners and models in the discussion, so don't go away Steve. Its
all good fun, thanks to Julian's vision.
By the way, if the 70 series steering fits a 40 we have a stack of them in
my local breaker's yard, shame we are not just down the road from you :-(
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - waiting for the B I G snowstorm
crossing over Austria today <:-|