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FJ40 spares etc



Steve wrote...
Thanks for that, I've sent Darren an email, I looked at the Off Road shop's
web site, what they had looked a bit limited, I might send them an email
specific later tonight though.
By the way are you actually in Bosnia, or is that where your LC came from?
Steve, don't worry about the website's limitations (is it that limited,
though it bloody good meself) anyway Darren is the man to know in that
country and the Ozzies do network very well. Darren is even trying to sell
me an overhaul kit for my gearbox despite the cost of DHL halfway round the
Am I in Bosnia - what?
It reads IN Bosnia, not FROM Bosnia dunnit?
Ring 00 387 33 66 33 04 (Sarajevo dialling code if you want to check) and
see who answers :)
Well, it might be the missus who answers, but ask for me and someone
sounding like me will give you a big welcome my friend.
(I should be back at Easter in Hertfordshire on my boat, we can meet and
you can see my passport entry stamps for the country).
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - come back Renate we miss you, those
awfully rude men have gone away now.