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Front swivel seals



If you are into car repairs, with the right tools, there is nothing to
fear. You can do them both in a day. You can get a kit from Milner to
do it, use the rest of the kit but not the seals, toy ones are
definately better.
Clive Marks
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Clive is right. It's not a difficult job - with the right tools, a beer fridge & a radio in the garage.

You can go mad & change out CV's, swivel bearings, and all sorts of bits and pieces in there.

I'm curing a similar problem at the moment and adopting the minimalist approach ie - 2 inner axel seals from Toyota, clean out old grease in CV/knuckle, replace with new grease + re-pack wheel bearings (replace if necessary).

If I was going to Africa of somewhere soon I'd go mad & change out all the bits.

If possible try diagnose why the inner axel seal has failed - dodgy wheel bearings, CV joints, swivel bearings etc can contribute. If so change them.

Check the oil in the diff - if there's grey stuff in there - act quickly.


'95 HDJ 80 - on jacks

PS - might get that seal kit from Milners as don't like the thought of putting in old gaskets.


Knuckles just came up on the LCML, now sort of up and running again and
someone posted a link to a Jeff Zepp's site, he is a long term lister on
I am sure Julian wouldn't mind me saying some of you might find useful
information on the LCML hosted at, the list is still operating
but the site is being moved and so down.
Rebuild guide on 40 series knuckles, axles etc, might help with
understanding the preload etc.
Malcolm Bagley
Stafford UK
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
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Hi all
How much of a job is changing the seals on the front axle?
My front swivels are leaking a bit and seeping greyish oil from the axle
around the swivel balls(birfields?) Also need to change the oil in the front
and rear diffs, but don't want to change it until I cure the seepage..
Many thanks

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Re: Knuckles just came up on the LCML..

Thanks for that - good info there - the penny has now dropped as to the knuckle bearings...

I wonder if thats where the play in the steering is coming from....