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Front windscreen frame 1989 75


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Jul 17, 2023
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Hey guys about to pick up a new windscreen/frame as my old one is pretty much rusted out, want to know how to take it of and what seals do I need for the new one? (as it’s from another cruiser) There’s two bolts at the bottom assuming you’d call it a “foldout” yeah if someone could explain the process or even better have/access to a video of it (can’t find one on yt).
I am guessing this must be a 60 series or very early 70?
As the current and many previous models do not have the folding or removable window frame?
Regarding removing the glass if it's like the current models it can be fun but possible - but often they crack while doing it.
I just want to take the frame out new one I’m getting
comes with screen in it. But yeah early 70 series