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It could work. But I bet their claims are exaggerated.
You need some swirl of intake to mix fuel and air. Much of this occurs
naturally as the air enters the combustion chamber. Usually turbos
create quite a swirl themselves. How well this would enhance that is
hard to tell. I'd be sceptical personally as it is so easy and swirl is
such a well know requirement that I'd be amazed if the manufacturers had
missed this trick.
Still the unit itself is cheap if you want to experiment - except not
sure what is required to fit and then revert if required.
john byrne wrote:
You could hardly take them to the trades description act if they were wildly
The best modifications that you can make towards performance/economy are
Good attention to maintenance, fitters, oil, timing belts etc. Have your
fuel injectors checked out and brought back to specification, have the fuel
injector pump checked out and recalibrated as necessary. Make sure that you
run the correct tyre pressures and have no binding brakes, do not run with
the windows open try not to operate the A/C unit as it saps power, and the
list is endless. After the basics as above then you can consider an
intercooler which will give known improvements in performance/economy.
There is a lot of additives and so called bolt on bits of this and that.
Most of these things do not cost that much but the people selling them make
all sorts of claims for them which never seem to bear fruit in independent
scientific testing by know experts. I am sure that if any of these things
were much good then they would have found there way onto production vehicles
by know.
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Hi Guys
Good morning to you all and a fine morning it is here. I have been pondering
for a while about a certain gadget that claims to improve the power and
mileage of any vehicle. Its on I would like your thoughts
on this because for me it makes no sense but for you guys who know a lot
more, well if you could read and tell me what you think.
Thanks Guys
John c
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
Hi guys,
One day, when I have nothing more important to do, I will make a list
of all the gadgets that claim to improve fuel economy by x%, add up
the figures and see if I can get a 100 or more. That will be a
mathematical proof that a motor car can be run without any fuel at
all, just by the gadgets.
Who knows, maybe mankind have been fleeced for over a century by a
cartel of motor manufactures and oil producers?
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 10:52:35 -0000, Anthony Graham
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hi Guys
Thanks for all you input on the gadget thingy , I do look for your advice
because every thing that is for sale is always better than what you had,
(acording to the manafacturers ) that is and when your not sure how things
work well its easy to get caught. Sorry about not replying sooner but had to
go out. So its not that I forgot althought the memory can be bad at times
as I am constantly reminded by my better half.
Thanks again and I think ill put some diesel in instead of buying that
Roman you said that you would comprise a best 100 list for the gadgets, well
I reakon I could comprise a list of gadgets that I might buy if not for
help from people like you.
Thanks again everyone
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland