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Got me one of these

Andy Harvey

Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2010
Just won myself one of these on ebay, looking forward to fitting it.

This means I will have one of these for sale. Only a month old including the NAVME120 satnav module which is pretty damn good. Got this installed in my truck at the moment, got front and rear cameras hooked up. has Bluetooth for Mobile and cable for an iPod which charges and plays through the system. The only reason I'm getting rid is that the iPod connection doesn't support list browsing on my iPod, only on earlier ones and the Pioneer does support it on the latest iPod Classic. Apart from that the system is really good and does everything as follows:

Full Touch screen control
Reversing Camera - requires a reverse image camera as it doesn't do it in the system just relys on the camera to reverse the image.
Front AV - got this hooked up to a front camera fitted in a number plate mount
AV in on the front of the unit - cable included
iPod input - cable included
USB in on the front of the unit - cable included
SD cards supported
DVD/R, CD/R, DVD, CD all supported
Motorised screen for putting in the CD/DVD or SD card as well as changing angle on the screen
Touch Screen SatNav - full Europe maps included. SD card input into Sat Nav module for updates. GPS antenna included.
Graphic Equaliser built in
Ability to use parental controls on media
IR Remote
Bluetooth for phone or Audio input support A2DP - Mic included for phone.

Full installation instructions, manual for system and SatNav.

Only thing missing is the Box.

This fits in a 100 Series and should fit an 80 or for that matter anything with a double Din slot and it all works - been tested and will take some pictures.

Anyone interested, make me an offer, it cost £295 on ebay a month ago.

Will also post in For Sale.

Jon Wildsmith

Super Moderator
Feb 24, 2010
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Andy Harvey

Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2010

it just arrived this morning, will tell you what I think when I fitted it. The MEOS one I'm taking out was pretty OK after dark as the brightness is fully adjustable, haven't had too much of a look at the instructions on the Pioneer but I guess it probably is too. Have also got an anti glare filter for it coming from the states which will mean that it doesn't need to be too bright during the day which helps at night.