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150 radio upgrade.


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Aug 12, 2023
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Good evening chaps.
I would like to ask if the infotainment system in my 2022 3 door can be upgraded to one from a better spec model.
The one fitted seems a little dated when compared to my Outlander and the wife's Vitara. no built in satnav and no reversing camera.
Not quite sure why Toyota skimp on these as the price of even the commercial 3 dooor is a lot more expensive than our other cars.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Not sure if you can upgrade from a higher-spec model but I'm considering upgrading to one of the aftermarket head units that will fit in place of the original one, Halfords do them. They look good and have Apple Car Play and nav systems. I might upgrade some of the speakers at the same time.
good morning Lump.
My wife tells me that christmas is coming so I intend to get one of these units. I believe they are available with satnav, blue tooth reversing camera and a host of other goodies.
I did have a quick look on youtube and there are lots to chose from. The question is which one has all the things you need and wont self destruct in a short space of time.
have you now fitted one and if so what are your thoughts ?
No, I haven't had one fitted yet, wading through all the choices is confusing so I will have to do a little research. Let me know what you decide.