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GRJ76K GVM and Towing Specs

Mike M

Sep 27, 2018
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Hi folks,

I've owned my 2015 JDM import 76 series for over four years now and just waiting on delivery of the Toyota chassis and towbar harnesses so I can finally use the square hitch built into my Kaymar rear bar. Trouble is that JDM cars don't have load rating plates on them and I'm seeing some mixed info on the web. Anyone have the specs for this model?

So far I've seen 3500t towing capacity with 3500t GVM from Tom's Fahrzeugtechnik but also seen 3060t GVM for the HZJ and VDJ76 from Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings and also Toyota Australia.

In Australia you'd need to get an engineers report to have a plate fitted and you'd have to have the plate present for the spot checks that are part of our road using "experience" here. Can you get anything out of Kaymar that might identify the bar and give some sort of guidance for it to be fitted with a plate?

I had a Euro bar fitted to a previous car I owned and for some reason the same bar had quite different ratings for models a couple of years apart that appeared identical. There wasn't much I could do to challenge the plate rating but I don't know how this works in the UK.

Hi Mike. Think we’ve spoken when you bought your bumper. I had similar trying to track down info for my GRJ78. You can input the VIN online to get the build spec. I have gone with the info on the sales ‘brochures’ on the web for purposes of V5. is a good source of info for this as they sell the 1GR variants. What you will find there is that for ther VDJ and HZ they rate at 3500kg tow but only 1500 for the 1GR! I went with 3500.

As for the loom are Toyota robbing you for this? I would have just purchased a bypass relay and wired it that way, that’s what I did for my FJ and will do for the 78. Worth considering if you can cancel the Toyota order.
Cheers Sarah,

Did you update your V5 retrospectively with the towing weights and did you need to provide any proof etc or did you do all this while registering the cruiser?

The good news with the parts is that Toyota UK wouldn't supply me and Toyota DBX had nothing in stock so I ordered from and the prices were good. Only thing was it's a small round 7 pin socket but I can change that to UK spec or whatever, just getting the loom and relay kit was the main thing for me

Hi Jules

Yeah I bought and fitted the Kaymar rear bar last year so I know it's rated for 3500kgs.

In the UK, they state that if the vehicle has no plate then you shouldn't tow with it but if I can update the registration document to show the weight limits then I should be covered. The cops will only pull you if something looks unsafe but VOSA roadside spot checks would be a big problem.

Hi Mike

No my V5 is blank. Despite me stating the capacity on the registration application. My FJ was the same. I work on the basis that I have proof of towing capacity in the owners manual if stopped. I declared it at registration they haven’t included it, or much other data supplied so not much I can do about that and knowing DVLA as I do they wouldn’t accept anything you tell them anyway!!
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