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hello good people.
we all seem to have moved over here then eh?
anyway i've not long fitted new discs and handbrake shoes on my 80 and am now having a little trouble. it seems that the drivers side is rubbing, but only when going forwards.
all adjusters are backed right off, but when turning the wheel by hand after a couple of revolutions it starts to bind up. spin it backwards and its fine.
should i file a leading edge on the shoes, but on which edge?
btw the discs and pads were EBC and the handbrake shoes from milners.
regards, tom.

Ian Rubie

I am in uk
Feb 24, 2010
Bordon Hampshire
I had exactly the same problem with Milners handbrake shoes, my solution was to grind a little out of the dog bone to give the shoes more clearance on the drum. If you take this approach you do not need to remove much.



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thanks ian. i've ground a leading and trailing edge on the shoes and they seem to be turning free now, in either direction. i'll run them loose for a while and adjust them properly in a few weeks. the old shoes that came out were only worn on the centre section funnily enough.
someone told me today some manufacturers use this method of "holding on the oval" rather than getting full surface contact????? after all they are only to hold, not to stop you.
i'll see if it's worked when i take it for a spin, if not i'll try your way.
Thanks, Tom.
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