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my search for a New 4x4 brought me hear and having looking around at many and Had Many :lol:
has given me my top 3 choice

and opps a LR90

But as these yota's and expensive luxury Items the only ones in my Budjet have BIG miles
should i be worried and what problems and expense could i be facing should the worsed happen

Great Site Given me a lot of insperation

Lee :thumbup:

Ecky Thump

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Mar 4, 2010

If you have a bimble through the site you will find most of the faults for the different series like the older 90 series with the head issues (if they are not looked after)

I wouldn't worry about mileage if the motor looks well looked after. I have just bought the missus a petrol 80 with 202,000 on the clock and apart from a hub rebuild required I am well happy with it.
The Colorado or 90 series is a harder / sturdier version of the third generation Surf, although I wouldn't knock the Surf after seeing what they are capable of.

I have seen older 90s and 3rd gen Surfs going for the same money recently so I suppose it would come down to condition.

In my opinion an older LR90 will still cost quite a bit and will need far more spending on it over time.