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Help please

I've heard that the dodge techstream software works better on 32bit systems (windows10/11 are 64bit). If that's true, maybe you can run a virtual machine instance in Windows 11 with a 32bit instance of Windows XP or something on it? That would isolate the software and keep the rest of your machine safe too. Just don't give the virtual OS access to network or wifi etc :think:
I think that's what I'll try when the cable arrives.... even if I'm stuck with 64bit it's got to be better to isolate it in a Hyper V virtual instance. I just don't know how yet :laughing:
Thats a good idea about putting techstream in VM - in fact i think theres instructions somewhere for openbox and even a VM download.

But you need to be a bit of a geek to sort it all out, so its not for everyone
Good start! Need to get the live data next to check those wheel and speed sensors
Hi Karl, Sorry to pester you again.

a friend lent me a very cheap code reader and the code came up as "P0500 Speed sensor A malfunction".

Looking at the bill from my garage they fitted 2 rear ABS Sensors, do you think it would be worth checking the front Sensors?
Yep theres two speed sensors on the gearbox / transfer box - they need testing.

They are NT1 and NT2 in the live data - hence us suggesting getting readings off those !
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I havent got access to my usual computer today so cant check the docs, but from memory, the output from speed sensor nt2 (the output sensor on the transfer case) connects to the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster then cleans up that signal into a square wave then uses that for the speedo and sends it to to ECU.

A p0500 means that the ECU isnt getting the signal, so its generally either

the speed sensor,

the wiring between the sensor and the cluster,

the circuit in the cluster that creates the square wave

the wire between the cluster and the ECU

First step, get the live data and look at speed on NT1 and NT2 when driving.

Ive never heard of thr cluster circuit failing, but the clusters are easy to swap and dont need coding, but would need mileage adjustment if you fit a spare. Ive got one you can borrow for testing if it comes to that.