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Hi everyone not quite sure how I missed this forum names Alex I've got a 40 a 45 petrol pick up an 80 24v man and a 100 series

Alex Porter

New Member
Oct 4, 2021
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Hopefully someone can help me I'm just in the process of finishing a 45 pick up after years of in search of a few parts to finish the build (basically parts I have that can't be re-used)

Any help would be appreciated

Also im in the process of upgrading my bulbs in my 80 side of the main headlights is not working .....spade connections look ok wiring looks ok bulbs are new but I'm getting nothing side is fine.....will this be the voltage regulator ???

Last one ....does anyone have a good contact in the north west for re-covering leather seats on an 80.....ive soldiered on for years but it just needs doing now....

regards Alex
Welcome Alex, I think we have met.
Which parts are you looking for?

Although its not in the NW there is a well renowned trimming shop in Sheffield. That said there should be a good trim shop near you.