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[High lift jack] needed? when bottle jack no fit with bigger tyres



A simple answer (which I used to do on an old Trooper I had that was too big
for the jack once I put on bigger tyres) was to carry around a brick under
my front seat. With the bottle jack on that I never had any problems
afterwards (the first time I found out it didn't fit and had a flat tyre was
interesting :)
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Hi Guys
Does anyone know where I could get a high lift jack in the UK, or does
anyone know the cost of them. I had a look for one and he wants 90 Euro for
it, seems a bit steepto me. It dawned on me, I know its about time too you
lot will say but. I have ordered my OME springs and shocks from the UK and
should get them next week and I should then be ably to get the 33 x 10.5 x15
tyres that I want.
So over all I guess the cruiser will grow about another 5 inches in height.
Now I know the tyres will give me about 3 inches or so, now my little
hydralic jack will not reach the extra height and the bottle jack is rusted
and unsafe so I have to now go for a taller jack either the larger bottle
jack or the high lift jack. So I think the high lift jack would be the best
option dont you.
John C
92 HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland